Yahoo Messenger 10 for Windows 7 with Improved Troubleshooting Features

After being in the beta stage for several months,Yahoo! Messenger 10 is out in the final  version with several bug fixes.Windows 7 users can now download the final version of Yahoo! Messenger 10 ( that has been incorporated with some video/voice call feature as well as improved overall stability.

New Yahoo! Messenger 10 includes the following features:

    1. Enhanced video calling – High-resolution, full screen video &voice calling.
    2. Improved troubleshooting features.yahoo_messenger_10
    3. See your friend’s latest updates from Yahoo,Mybloglog, Flickr, Twitter and more .
    4. Improved language support .
    5. Instant text Messaging.
    6. Photo Sharing.
    7. PC-to-PC Calls.
    8. Phone Out for PC-to-Phone Calls.
    9. Phone In (Get a Phone Number for Messenger) .
    10. SMS (Text Messaging) .
    11. Webcam to share live video with your friends using Yahoo chat client.
    12. IM Conferencing- Chat with multiple friends at once in a conference room (includes voice capabilities, where available).
    13. Message your Friends on Other Networks using Windows Live™ Messenger, Reuters Messaging, and Lotus Sametime .
    14. File Transfer – send files instantly to a friend upto 2 GB limit.
        Windows 7 users note: New Yahoo messenger 10 is  fully compatible with all versions of Windows 7.
        You can download the Windows, Mac, Mobile and iPhone versions of Yahoo! Messenger 10 Final Version here: Yahoo Messenger 10 Final Asia

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