WordPress Installation Made Easy

1. Get a self hosted wordpress blog

Choosing the right platform for blogging is very essential both for the comfort of blogging and proper indexing by google for essential organic traffic that you would need. Having a self hosted wordpress install gives you the freedom to have your own domain and put your own content along with advertisements and other plugins and widgets that you might add.

Other reasons why one should choose to do a wordpress install is , it needs no HTML coding on the part of the blogger . Free templates to choose from and give your blog a unique look. Database driven wordpress manages your posts well . Above all wordpress blogs are seo freindly. If you have any problem with your wordpress install , you get help from the active wordpress community.

2. Find a niche

Blogging on a specific niche is very essential for your blog to be noticed by google . If you start writing just about everything starting from mobiles to video games , in no time your blog will be thrown into the dump of other million blogs that do not rank for any keyword and never seen on google search results.

3. Centre on your content

If you want to have dedicated readers you must keep supplying them quality content . The steady flow of quality content is very necessary . Blog regularly and if you are out onĀ  a holiday , schedule your posts to be published .