Why Small Publishers Should Not Use Banner Exchange Widgets

Every blogger likes to have traffic in their blogs . But only a blogger knows how painful it is to see their own blog going down for even 10 minutes. Some bloggers join banner exchange sites which return free traffic in exchange to your blogs exit traffic. Using traffic exchange has its own merits and demerits which i have explained in detail below.

Sample Banner Exchange Widget :


Sample site traffic when using this system.


Traffic exchange sites can increase your site’s visitor count by more than 100% , hence doubling or even tripling the traffic , but in return it does more bad than good for your blog.

Disadvantages of using Banner Exchange Widgets :

  1. First thing , most small time bloggers are in hosted on shared servers. Sites like 2leep can send your site a spike of 150 + visitors for few seconds , just enough to cause your hosting server to crash . If this happens , your web host will suspend your hosting account. Recently i have faced the same trouble and suffered a downtime of more than 2-3 days. Even worse , my host denied activating my account unless i buy some premium hosting package from them. Sort of a blackmail.
  2. This Free Traffic wont convert and on the other side increase your sites bounce rate to above 85% , as these visitors have short attention spans and they stay in for less than 7 secsĀ  at an average.
  3. Adding Banner widgets means , additional scripts , more images and hence more DNS Lookups and external function calls. This causes blog pages to load slower.
  4. Using MarketGid and 2Leep system has their own disadvantage and advantage . Visitors who come though 2leep system are mostly blogger and pro user themselves and wont give any clicks on your advertisement , but this system will return 500% extra traffic for the click your send. so if you want to spread your word and share content , 2leep is the best. MarketGid on the other hand will give you 1-2 clicks every 100 visitors they send , but the widget links are ‘dofollow‘ , so leaking Pagerank to MarketGid. Also they sell ad spots in your widget space which you may not know, but actually are advertisements for which they are getting paid from third party advertisers. The ratio of traffic they send is less than 2leep but they maintain 100 – 150% click backs.
  5. MarketGid uses pop-under which displays these widgets inside another page that loads separately and doesn’t add to the blogs page load time , but some users find it intrusive.



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