Why Make Blogger Friends Before you Start A Blog

Friends and patience are two things you will need most while blogging . Its better to consult and get to know them before you start a blog. Mind it , it really helps when success seems to have gone down in the well . Friends keep you alive and suggest you helpful ideas for blogging success. Also comment on the blogs of fellow bloggers so that they know you exist and come to visit your blog. Blogging is very boring unless you have readers and their comments. I have realized this in the past one year of blogging and telling with my own experience.

Join the blogging community

Sites like Blog Catalog , where bloggers meet , discuss about their interest and this can be a great chance to know each other. This can be a good learning experience, especially if both bloggers are open to the idea of sharing knowledge about their niche & interests .

Share Links

With quality content and blogger friendsĀ  your blog may get plenty of backlinks , usually from other bloggers as well as the various related websites, blogs etc .

Engage the Reader

Involve in some sort of dialogue & reply to those readers who comment on your blog posts. Be engaging, informative, sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always with a pitch of being authoritative on your chosen subject. Work to build a sense of trust .