Why Freelancers Must have a Portfolio Blog

Every freelancer must have an online portfolio blog . Online portfolios tend to come in one of two shapes: a blog or a website . There is a community of freelance professionals from around the world, spanning all manner of fields . A blog with portfolio page designs in PDF, slideshow, page flip would be quite impressive to your clients. Starting Out With a Portfolio blog is an great idea.

A great freelance portfolio should highlight your talents and give potential.

Things to remember :

  1. Focus on simplicity
  2. Optimize your ‘About’ page
  3. Provide a clear means of contact
  4. Create a dedicated ‘Hire Me’ page
  5. Show off only the skill you’re selling
  6. Tell stories potential clients want to hear
  7. Build traffic to turn visitors into clients
  8. Add a little dose of SEO

If you have a blog, your best blog posts can double as writing samples. A few notes about the process for creating this new portfolio site. I decided on WordPress as the CMS and chose to have the blog be the main focus .

Design and build a singe page portfolio site to showcase your designs to potential customers and employers.

So cite the finest samples at the beginning and make sure that the portfolio is performing its best to impress the employers.

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