Why Do I need to Start a blog ?

If you are reading this, you must be asking yourself  Why do i need to start a blog ? Blogs are personal web diaries  aren’t they ? Make no mistake, a blog can be a powerful tool too. The tone of a blog is generally friendlier and casual than a company website hence its more appealing to the reader.

Those who cant afford a website

If you are a small company tight on budget , start a blog. You really can set up your blog site , without forking over huge sums of cash to a web developer . A blog can give your company a real personality & an excellent way to market your services. Starting a blog is fairly simple & inexpensive, so setting up the whole thing can take a fraction of the time it takes to set up a full blown website & it can still look very professional

Is a blog right for your business?header-ppc

That only you can decide – and the only way to know is to start a blog and try it – but be sure to commit to it fully for a period of time  4 – 5 months or so.

A blog can tell people who you are.

Blog can be your publicity for yourself. People are more likely to buy from someone they feel they know. You can develop a silent relationship with potential customers through your blog. One must remember to keep the posts friendly yet professional. A blog is not the place for bad language or poor jokes.

A blog can publicize & inform about your product.


Your blog is an excellent way of informing people about your product & the benefits they will get if they decide to buy from you. It can be a great source of information that is difficult to cover in a conversation. The more you can tell your potential customers about your product,  the more likely they are going to turn in conversions as it will increase product awareness.

Set up your own blog today for a nominal price . Contact me about any queries that you may have , i would be more than happy to answer you and get you going in the right direction .