Why Apple iPad Sucks Eight iPad Problems Issues and Drawbacks

IPad made a grand launch but with few drawbacks . Apple just launched the new iPad Tablet PC that will probably make it to be one of the first failures in Apple’s latest line of products. Steve Jobs worked his charm, trying to wow the world with his Apple iPad, a new super-slim mini computer said to be the missing link between netbook and PC . The Apple iPad lacks flash player support as you must probably be aware of. Appleā€™s iPad has already been tagged the “less powerful, but more expensive netbook” .

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Why Apple iPad Sucks ?

Eight Apple iPad problems were detected from the hardware specs mentioned below.

  1. No Multitasking
  2. Based on the OS of iPhone. Means no external Support
  3. Lack of camera. ( But ThisiPad Hack To Add Camera Works )
  4. No flash support . Steve says its not secure and pulls more battery.
  5. Storage limitation .The device comes in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB versions
  6. Cant beat Amazon Kindle in terms of ease while reading an e-book
  7. Connectivity and availability . No GPS Support .
  8. The Apple iPad uses Digital Restrictions Management.


Apple is rumored to have 300000 iPad units only , at the moment available for sale at launch this month . The iPad will be launched on April 3rd 2010 but there are these issues surrounding the iPad that are yet to be solved by Apple.