What's Your Name's Hidden Meaning?

A name is very important. It can affect a poor child throughout his adulthood. It can affect his self respect. If you are a parent you would not want to name your kid something that means Evil or something similar .Names are also a first impression. Say if you were to go on a blind date with a guy named Arjun or with Salman, who would you choose? And you are not given a choice to see them? By now you must be thinking “what kind of parents would name their child Salman?”.

India is a very diverse country. “Unity in diversity” is a phrase which perfectly captures the essence of the country. There are a number of sub-divisions of Hinduism, the prominent religion of India. This has given birth to numerous Hindu names that capture the essence of love and prosperity of the Indian culture. Recently I came across a site named Namesetc.org. It is a free encyclopedia, first of its kind consisting of Indian names that is built collaboratively by volunteers around the world using Wiki software. Namesetc provides comprehensive details around any Indian name.

Namesetc categorizes Indian names alphabetically under 11 categories:

  • Masculine
  • Unisex
  • Short and sweet
  • Modern
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Uncommon
  • Common
  • Very common
  • Adopted
  • God mythology
  • Celebrity.

How many times people ask you what your names means, whether you are in India or abroad etc. Here you will get comprehensive detail about any Indian name. So let us discuss what Namesetc have in store for you.

The Etymology and History of First Names

Names, whether scriptural, historical, or modern, have a meaning. A name is not just a random word but they manifest the very nature of the person on which the name is brought. Anoushka is a popular Indian name and has multiple meanings and origins. The Hebrew version of Anoushka means Favored one. The Indian version of Anoushka means a term of endearment (Russian Name).

A name should always sound good. It should certainly have a pleasing sound. It should be appealing to all the family members. In Namesetc you get to know the meaning of a name along with its proper pronunciation and historical background. You can hear the pronunciation which is a pre-recorded human voice and not machine generated that is inaccurate and mispronounced most of the times.

Is Your Name Your Destiny?

The notion that names shapes the destiny has been just about for thousands of years. In many cultures, the names have the power & influence on the destiny of the child. Discovering the true meaning of the names, you can find out potential of the names. Many times names signify properties. Say for example, Amir means Prosperous, Yashomati means successful lady, .You can find the meaning of a name along with its meaning and background of its possible origin in Namesetc.

Origin and History of the Name

Names are often keepers of history & life. They are ageless reminders of places, people, events, & ancient cultures. Many names that are in use today have originations in the Mahabharata, Ramayana, Koran, the Vedas, and so on. In the case of names originating from religious books like the Mahabharata and Ramayana, you will find that Sachin means Lord Indra and Jagadish means Master of the Universe, Rama is The Seventh Avatara of Vishnu, Rudra means Rigvedic god of the storm. Namesetc has a large database of names originating from the ancient writings and scriptures.

Modern Indian Names

Modern names derive from nature & beautiful things like flower, precious stones, or much wanted features, like Bijli, Chandramukhi, or Aruna. Parents of the modern generation often create names by adjusting or shortening old names or by using devices like initials to create a unique name for their kid. They even choose names of the actors from Bollywood Industry. It is also very important to choose a popular yet unique name. It should not be out of time. It should sound modern and trendy. Namesetc.org also lists popular celebrities of Indian origin bearing the name. You can find people with the name you are looking for in social  networking sites like Facebook.

How to find names relevant to the Gender

The name should complement the gender of your baby, i.e. choose a name that is related to masculine gender or feminine. Some of the most common names that you could consider are: Vijay, Anand, Barun and Raj. These are some of the most famous baby boy names in India that you will find in Namesetc.

This WIKI is established not only to provide you with the above information, but also to let you contribute more information about your name or other’s name that you know. This is first WIKI site on Indian names that allows direct editing of the wiki content by anyone with an Internet access which no other site provides. Add it here if you have some knowledge or find the answer in case you are curious and help grow the content. Anybody with an Internet connection can edit and update.

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