What to do when your Gmail account gets Hacked

The worst nightmare of a netizen. My account was hacked last evening. For the first time my email account was compromised in 9 years since i started using the web and first created my email id in 2001. But unlike others i didn’t panic and start fretting. Photoxpress_5547012

Even the Pro Users are vulnerable :

I am still clueless as how my password was revealed to the 3rd party in spite of being always cautious as while using the web , from a pro user like me , mistakes do happen at times and the best antivirus and spyware programs cant keep you safe. The only way is to take precautions and remedial measures while victimized.

Few vital steps to be taken when your online identity is compromised :

  1. See if your antivirus program is active and updates. Run a Scan of the active programs.You can do this by doing a quick scan of your windows directory. This is to confirm that you are not running any known key loggers.
  2. Change your passwords and security questions immediately for all linked sites.
  3. While checking your email account see the SENT folder for and mails that the hacker might have sent. Also check the TRASH BIN.
  4. If you are using GMAIL , you can find and logged in user IP address at the bottom of the page under Details.gmail_logged_ip_details gmail_fraud_paypal
  5. As you can see here , i successfully tracked the IP Address here. You can do a ip lookup to find the originating location and ISP of the associated IP Address. Try to contact and alert the ISP with the time and IP details if possible.
  6. Under settings in Gmail check if your mails are not being forwarded to 3rd party email account.
  7. Download FREE Google Pack that contains a Anti–Spyware , Browser and lot of other tools.
  8. If you are living in India , you may even contact the Cyber Crime Cell for further guidance at officer@cybercellmumbai.com , cbcyber@tn.nic.in , ccps@blr.vsnl.net.in, ccps@kar.nic.in
  9. I will explain the rest about Paypal tips in my next post.

** Please share this post with your friends or relatives , so they are well aware of the threat and take responsible steps when their account is hacked instead of panicking.



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