What to do when you get a EVDO Error

While using BSNL EVDO you may come across errors like “An authentication event has occurred” and “The remote computer did not respond” just as your EVDO fails to connect with the internet and upon trying to connect repeatedly goes to vain. Wireless devices have their own issues with connectivity.

  evdo_error_2 evdo_error

Reasons :

  • Bad weather condition [foggy, high humidity,windy]
  • Technical issues with your EVDO device
  • Connectivity errors by BSNL itself
    BSNL EVDO works on a dail-up connection basis where you dial #777 with username password 165 to connect.
    You may check your EVDO speed with Net Meter i mentioned sometime back.The following steps you may follow to get connected to the internet using EVDO.


  • Safely remove your EVDO device.
  • Shut down the EVDO dialing application.
  • Restart your PC and start the application again.
  • Insert the EVDO device after the initialization of the dialer program



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