What is Paypal Export Code ? How to Get Export Code ?

Paypal has resumed its service to India Bank Withdrawal requests with a condition to include Export Code while withdrawing funds in your bank. Everyone wants to know what is this Export Code. Is it the Export License that they mean which is provided to exporters.

Well this is not the case. You dont need an export license to withdraw funds if you are a freelancer.

How to Get Export Code ?

For Freelancers and Individual applicants :

  1. Details of all Proprietor (Full name, Fathers name, Residential address, phone number, email address)
  2. Details of  address of the individual along with following details:
  3. PAN card of the company/individual
  4. Type of exporter (Merchant, Service provider, Manufacturer etc.)
  5. Bank account details of the company/individual
  6. Bankers certificate (in specified format)
  7. DD of Rs. 250/- as application fees in favour of JDGFT or DGFT depending on the region in which the registered office is situated.
  8. An application to the concerned officer (JDGFT/DGFT) and all the papers in Duplicate set.

More Information : http://elagaan.com/ and http://dgft.gov.in/