Web to become two times faster : Google to substitute traditional Http protocol with SPDY

  The Chromium team from Google’s research and development department announced a new protocol soon to substitute the conventional HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol that the present day web browsers use to view Web Pages on the internet. The new protocol is supposed to boost Internet browsing by up to 55%. Any web address starts with ‘http://’ but according to technology experts at Ars Technica, HTTP comes ineffective when transferring several smaller files on many new sites.ist2_6697647-internet-browser-windows

Goggle’s SPDY protocol will compress & handle a single data packet transfer requests through as single  connection that is SSL-encrypted. This will allow higher-priority files to transfer quickly without becoming held back behind larger files.
The new protocol has shown up to 55% increase in speed while loading web pages under test conditions.The Google team has recently released the beta source code for public feedback miami web developmentand scope for improvement.

Experts have raised few points of caution about the compulsory SSL encryption that requires higher processing capability from smaller devices & personal computers. The need for  SSL could also aggravate the problem where server operators miss SSL encryption & accidentally encourage users to ignore alerts about unsecured websites.


Google’s team has recognized this vulnerability and has proposed workaround solutions. Google’s Android operating system has already proven a smashing success on, but redesigning the web’s architecture will undoubtedly prove trickier in the coming days.