Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Of course there are many tools & strategies that will help you to market your online business successfully over the web but nowadays, where ever you go you will see people are talking about the Micro Blogging Site, Twitter. Even when you are listening to the radio or watching television, it really feels amazing to see how many times a twitter address in being mentioned.

Twitter is a great way to quickly identify & communicate with hundreds of thousand highly targeted prospective customers, and that for free.
Let’s say, if you selling a product for cats, you can send them a message in form of tweets (short 140 characters) instantly to thousands of cat owners with the press of a button & at no charge anywhere.

We make friends or say potential customers in Twitter, called Followers. These are the people who are happy to receive your messages on a regular basis.There is lot of information on the internet about getting followers, even software and services that help you do the stuff. But always remember that Twitter is a social networking and communication medium. Users don’t join twitter to be sold, they join twitter to reach others and communicate with them. This means that the more you communicate personally with your followers, the more likely they are to visit your website and eventually landing to your sales page.

Let us have a look at some of the most interesting features of Twitter that make it such a great marketing tool.

    1. Easy to use & free communication.
    2. Great way for staying in touch with existing customers and informing them about new products , enhancements, services, recommendations with the click of a mouse.
    3. Free to advertisement of your product or service to a highly targeted user base.
    4. Great way to get instant feedback on any marketing campaign, product offering or service.

      To sum up, if you have an online business and you are not using Twitter as a marketing tool, then literally you are throwing money away. Using Twitter in this way could revolutionize business. I suggest you take a closer look at social marketing, especially Twitter, today!

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