Making Of Avatar – The Movie

So live is the action sequences of the movie Avatar which has been shot using two cameras so you can get the view of both left image and a right image. This i done in order to get the 3D effect. Avatar is the ‘First Film of the Future’. Avatar’s story is exactly what you expect from the trailers, but the visuals and 3D effects more than make up for the cookie-cutter. ‘Avatar’s‘ 3D effects will send you into space. The movie Avatar with its spectacular 3D animation has left the viewers spell bound by taking them to a wonder land.

Fox officially announced that Avatar will be available on Earth Day, April 22,2010.

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avatar_pandora avatar_pandora_2 avatar_pandora_3 avatar_pandora_4 avatar_pandora_5 avatar_pandora_6 avatar_pandora_7 avatar_pandora_8 avatar_pandora_9 avatar_pandora_10 avatar_pandora_11 avatar_pandora_12 avatar_pandora_13 avatar_pandora_14 avatar_pandora_15 avatar_pandora_16 avatar_pandora_17 avatar_pandora_18 avatar_pandora_19 avatar_pandora_20