Stylus For iPad | DIY Tools And Accessories for Apple iPad

After the release of Apple iPad , DIY community where people make and share inspiring, entertaining, and useful projects, tricks , tools and hacks started to device iPad accessories.

The latest among them all is the iPad Stylus made from simple stuff. This post is for crafter’s, hobbyists, entrepreneurs and anyone who just like to make stuff , Do it yourself.

So what do we need to make a Stylus for iPad :

1. A Regular old pencil

2. A sock (with anti-static material , usually a woolen one will do)

3. A pair of scissors

4. Stitching skills (thread and needle)

Steps to make a iPad Stylus :

1. Use the soft edge of the pencil as the stylus head

2. Wrap the woolen sock around it so that your iPad gets no scratches.

3. Stitch it carefully around the pencil as shown in the image below. You may use anything like a pencil , if you want a smaller or thinner stylus .


The idea behind the socks is that , it is made of anti-static material ( woolen threads conduct well enough to work with touch screens). You are wrapping the pencil in this anti-static material to make it touch screen friendly for iPad . You may use anything instead of a sock that you know have anti static properties. Please let us know how it worked .

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