Speed Meter for Windows 7


Now that i have got my EVDO , its time to check the internet speed. I was using Dumeter till  now but it was not a freeware and the demo lasted just 30 days , so now i am looking for an alternative to run on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit edition. Windows sidebar gadgets do not detect EVDO well and hence cant be used. Then i found this pretty new software just like i wanted called Hoo Net Meter. But mind it , its not free either , so another 30 days of run.

Actually it looks like this.

net speed meter

But if you tweak it a little it would look just as Dumeter .

net meter

It has lots and lots of features that I haven’t fully explored. For now I’m happy with the active graph in the Windows Toolbar, the robust logs that you can separate by connection, and the consistency of the logs (unlike similar programs I have tried).