Speed Dial and FoxTab Addon for Easy browsing in Firefox

The one and ONLY thing I like about Opera is its ’speed dial’ feature, where you can click on thumbnail preview of websites you bookmark. I love having my favorite websites on the screen as pictures that I could just click away with my mouse. So a few weeks back, I decided to find out if there is any similar application available for Firefox, the world’s favorite browser. I finally settled upon Fast Dial, the speed dial for Firefox.Now get Opera Speed dial for Firefox to easily move on from bookmarked sites with a click.


Features include:

  1. Press Ctrl+T to open Fast Dial page.
  2. Set your browser home page to ” blank” to have
  3. Fast Dial on start up screen.
  4. Add new sites to Fast Dial by right-clicking site page and by choosing “Add to Fast Dial” from the context menu.
  5. Open Properties from menu or by moving mouse cursor over the top-right thumbnail corner.
  6. Use drag-n-drop to change thumbnail positions of sites.
  7. Scroll between Fast Dial page by mouse wheel or Pg Up/Pg Down keys if  they do not fit on one page
  8. Customize any aspect of Fast Dial in Preferences.
  9. Set any bookmark folder to be Fast Dial home.

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FoxTab Firefox Plugin


Foxtab is another firefox plugin, which will give your firefoz browser a Windows Aero look that allows its users to preview the tabs in six different 3D modes.This adddon comes really handy when you have to switch between several tabs while browsing.

Download Here