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Solve Certificate Expired Problem in Symbian S60 Phone

Sometimes When you Install any Application or theme Symbian S60 Mobiles you Come Across An ERROR like ” CERTIFICATE EXPIRED “. FreeSigner allows you to directly sign symbian 3rd edition software, applications and games on your mobile device without transferring the files to your computer.

So Here is the solution’s:

1. Hack your Phones Firmware
2. Use Free Signer to Self Sign Applications

I would go for the second one because it’s easy. FreeSigner is the name of that tool which can solve your Certificate Error problem.

Follow the steps below :

1. Install the FreeSigner software in Your Mobile phone.
2. Then Transfer and Save the Application File to your Mobile Phone’s Memory Card..

3. Then open the FreeSigner App in your mobile.


It will show ADD TASK message just select it.

5. Then it will open a File Browser there just select the path where you have saved the application setup file [that you want to install].


6. After Selecting The resp. File open the options and press ADD.


7. Then it will show the message that you have to select an operation like SIGN SIS, SELF SIGNS SIS, REMOVE SIGN.



8. It will send you back to the main menu now you can see your file also then open the options and press GO … Wait For 2 Min.


That’s it …. your application has been Signed. Now close the app and go to your File Manager and then navigate to that location where you had saved the original App setup file. There you will see a new file has appeared name same as the original file but having signed added in it’s name.



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