Save your Hard Disk from Dying in Windows 7

Hard disk windows 7 Recently i was experiencing some sound coming out of my hard drive and the system didn’t boot sometimes.I even saw the Blue Screen of death. It didn’t take me long to realize that my hard disk has started to take its last breath only if i don’t save and backup my data now.


But there is another way to save your hard disk with bad sectors. Windows in its latest version Windows Seven has introduced a feature For Scanning and fixing hard disk for errors and skip those places while the disk head [i.e. the one which reads data while the disk rotates] is over the bad sector.

So What’s new . We already know this .

You must be asking that this feature was there before , so what’s new. Well windows have been introducing features in its operating systems but they did hardly work. In windows XP or Vista whenever you try to do that , it’ll ask that the scanning will be performed in the next boot . But with Windows 7 , it will first un-mount the disk partition so that it cannot be accessed by another other program and hence the scanning process can work without any interruption.

Steps to heal your Hard Disk

  1. Go to My computer and select the hard disk partition which you want to scan
  2. Right click to view properties.
  3. Now select Tools from the tabbed menu
  4. Choose the option Check Now
  5. Now select both the options for Automatically fix file and Attempt recovery of bad sector
  6. A new dialog box will appear asking you to Un-Mount the drive , select yes to proceed.
  7. windows_disk_error