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Savandurga Trip on Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi

Have a look at the amazing pictures of Pulsar 200 dts fi by Praful Tripathy on his way to Savandurga. Savandurga is a hill located 33 kms west of Bangalore straight off the Magadi road. Its famous its temple & is believed to be among the largest monolith hills in the world. Savandurga is a place with a fort on a lofty mountain, about 60 km from Bengaluru. The hill consists of two granite cliffs of 4000 feet . Savandurga (literally meaning the `fort of death’) is a large monolithic rock about 60 kilometers away from Bangalore. The best Flickr photos and Youtube videos from the Savandurga Hills.




About the Author : Praful is a pro-biker and a great photographer.We thank him for letting us have this great opportunity to publish his images in OneTrickADay. Blessed with never ending Highways.

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