Samsung Not making A7 Processors for Apple iPhone 6

Despite signing a contract with Apple to produce the A9 processor for future iPhone’s, a report from Seoul newspaper, The Korea Economic Daily, says that they will not be involved in the manufacture of the iPhone 6 A7 processor. This processor is expected to be included in the next lineup of iPads and iPhone 6G . Instead, to make up the substantial amount of cash they will be missing out on, Samsung are going to be manufacturing a cheap ARM processor.

apple a7 processor

The developing world, the emerging markets are all going to want to get their hands on tablets ad smartphones. Many even go so far as to purchase one instead of a traditional PC. To power these devices, the lower cost processors will be used and there’s a good chance that the next billion or so customers who purchases tablets and smartphones will be purchasing a device with one of these cheaper processors.

Image : Previous A Series Chips


According to the Seoul based newspaper, the cheaper processors that Samsung are manufacturing will have a built in modem, something that neither the A Series chips or the Exynos ones have at the moment.

Coming up with the low-cost processor, especially with a built in modem, is going to put Samsung in the direct path of competition with the likes of Qualcomm and relative newcomer, MediaTek. MediaTek processors have enjoyed quite a large slice of the success pie when it comes to the lower cost market.  At Computex earlier this year, MediaTek were quite prominent with a large showcase of devices that are powered by their chips.

samsung-exynos-5-octa- vs qualcomm snapdragon

A further report form the Korea Economic Daily informed us that, as soon as the technology is ready, Samsung will also be manufacturing processors based on ARM A9.

In the meantime we can only assume that Apple has chosen to go with TSMC for the next chip.