Run Flash on Apple Ipad Iphone

Can we run a flash game on iPad or iPhone ?

Yes we can with a new program called Frash. Remember how we told you you’d have to wait a bit longer to get the iPad port of Adobe Flash 10.1 Player, dubbed Frash, on your personal iPad. A combination of the words fresh and awesome. To be frash is to be cool and relaxed and keepin’ it awesome , thats the new app on your ipad to run flash content.

Apple and Steve Jobs have made it very clear that Flash will never be an option on devices like the iPhone and iPad.Frash is an effort to take Android’s Flash implementation and get it working on an iPad, Jailbreak style. After having ported preliminary release of Flash to iPhone, the guy behind Spirit untethered jailbreak tool for iPhone, iPad and iPod have ported Frash. Program runs only on jail-broken iPads in Safari Mobile through a compatibility layer introduced by the jailbreaker Comex.

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