Retina iPad Mini 2 in Works – Release Date Oct Report

Every day a new Apple rumor surfaces from somewhere in the world. Most are purely speculation, some are just wind-ups and others are from analysts, professional or otherwise, who believe they can read the future. However sometimes one gets published by the likes of The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg or Reuters and these are the ones that are pretty much likely to be truth rather than speculation.

Image : iPad Mini 2 Colours

iPad-mini-colors (1)

The Wall Street Journal have published a report that says the iPad Mini 2 will be going into mass production sometime in Q4 and it will have a retina display.  As we know, Apple don’t like to keep things lying around for too long so we should be able to expect a release shortly after that.

Some believe it will be released sometime in Q1 of next year, so any time between January and March.  However, when Apple held a conference to announce their recent earnings statement, Tim Cook did say that Apple were going to be very busy in the fall. That kind of says we can expect a release in Q4.  In theory, it is perfectly possible for the iPad Mini to enter into mass production and release in the same quarter.

Image : iPad retina Display vs Non-retina Display

iPad Mini 2 (2)

The iPad Mini Retina will have the same size display as the original Mini, 7.9”.  There’s conflicting reports of the expected screen resolution, with some saying it will be 1024 x 768, the same as the first iPad Mini. Other, however, believe it will have a 2048 x 1536 resolution at a 324 ppi density.

Image : A7 processors expected to be used in iPad Mini

apple iphone 6 a7 processor

It’s also thought it will have either an A6x or A7 processor and may include the 128 GB storage option. The brand new iPad 5 is also rumored to be releasing at around the same time with a redesign to make it look like a larger version of the iPad Mini.