Rentacoder Scam Rent A Coder Payment Proof Rentacoder Fraud

If you are here you must be already looking for Rent A Coder Scam and other Rentacoder reviews to lookout if its a rumor that Rent A Coder Fraud is actually a fact. As a freelancer and working in Rentacoder for about an year i can fully explain you how rentacoder works and give away Rent A Coder Payment Proof.

So what exactly is Rent A Coder ?

Is RAC a scam site , does it cheat coders and buyers. You really want to know as eagerly as i did long time back since i earned my first freelance money working 8 hours a day as a freelancer.

Yes its true , Rentacoder really works and its is the among the best freelancing sites around the Globe. Rent a Coder or RAC is one of the best and trusted freelancing job sites on the internet. It is not just for programmers alone, it’s also for those who can provide their work online like web developers , writers etc. But it has some strict policies towards plagiarism and freelance copyrighted work. You may not copy work from elsewhere while working as a part time freelancer in rentacoder for outsourcing work.

If you are a jobless looking for working part time , freelancing can be the best thing you can do , and what better than Rentacoder . I would be discussing more about other freelancing sites and their way of payment in my next posts.

Till then happy freelancing !



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