Rent a Coder – Best Freelancing Site

Rent a Coder or RAC is one of the best and trusted freelancing job sites on the internet. It is not just for programmers alone, it’s also for designers, language translators, data entry operators etc. But the thing is that you have to find a job for yourself here. Nobody will come and offer you a job. I had faced the same trouble and left RAC for almost 8 month. Completely wasted. I never bothered to place a proper bid for the job. Either I placed a very high bid or a very low one.

In RAC you should not forget those buyers are people like us who want quality work and not irrelevant bids. They seek serious people to get their job done. Gradually is started toe brush my bidding style and started giving the buyers about how I may complete the job and how I will offer better quality jobs from others.

In RAC many buyers want small projects for them, ranging from making of a small logo for a website to making applications for Iphone. The list is exhaustive. But you have to start from bidding.

Please remember the following rules while bidding :

    1. You have a Free PayPal account
    2. Bid an amount that is not higher or lower. It should be appropriate.
    3. Make contact to the buyer as what he wants and ask for more details. This shows you are serious about the job.
    4. Don’t just bid in a project which you don’t have knowledge on. Your inability to complete project on time may leave a negative remark and trouble for you to make future bids.

    In Brief :

      1. Create your free account
      2. Choose your field of expertise and qualifications and work that suits you.
      3. You will receive mails according to your qualification or you can start a search. Bid for the project.
      4. Win bid and complete project to get payment in PayPal

      Link : Join RentACoder here



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