Remove iPad Scratches at Home | Works in iPhone Too

ipad_stylus.jpgYou made a huge mistake of using the scrubber side of a sponge or hard cloth to clean some dirt off of your New iPad. Now, it’s covered in scratches. We tell you an easy remedy to remove scratches from your iPad.With these simple steps, you can remove light scratches using common household products. These are some Simple, inexpensive ways to fix scratches on iPads , iPhones .

Most of us have everything that we need in our household to remove scratches from the iPad ,iPhone screen. Though nothing assures 100% removal of scratches, Still the overall look can be greatly improved.

Method 1 : Using Tooth Paste : The toothpaste is safe to use on the iPad screen. Applying a small amount of toothpaste on the tip of your finger and rub it in a circular motion on the scratch and. Doing this can smoothen the rough edges of the scratch so it’s not/less noticeable.

Method 2 : Using Pencil Eraser : Rub lightly over the scratch area in the long direction of the flaw. Keep rubbing slowly until the scratch completely disappears. This method works , but you have to rub for a long time & in one direction.

Method 3 : Scratch Removing Compounds are made for sensitive surfaces. Many Scratch Repair Solutions are available in the market , mainly found at optometrists , that can remove scratches using professional alternatives. Other can use nail polish remover for the purpose.

**Note : Method 3 is not recommended since using chemical solutions is not advised. Do it at your risk.

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