Playlist DJ for Nokia Xpress Music Mobiles

Syntonetic rolled out a new Application for all the Music Lovers. Now it is also available for Nokia Xpress Music mobile phones. The application known as Playlist DJ lets you create new playlists according to your Mood.  Playlist DJ uses the Moodagent software to create and arrange songs according to your Mood. Moodagent application can also be said to be apiece of AI(Artificial Intelligence) applications. Playlist DJ automatically analyzes and profiles your songs collection. Then it builds a playlist at your command. You just have to set the colorful mood and tempo sliders.


Key Features :

  • Instantly profiles your music based on emotion, mood, genre, sub genre, style, tempo, beat, vocals, instruments and production features.
  • 4 sliders to choose  unique mood, rhythm and style of  playlists.
  • Create playlists that match the profile of a song.
  • Automatically profiles when you add any new music.
  • You can save and name your favorite playlists.
  • You can remove songs from playlists.