Paypal Payment Reversed Solution for Paypal Bank Withdrawal In India

If you are reading this then definitely you are affected with the recent Paypal issue with Indian Users whose Paypal Payments Reversed and they are facing Paypal Bank withdrawal problem.

Well i tell you this is not a Paypal scam as you might be hearing , is is a mere Paypal problem with Indian Bank authorities in Reserve Bank Of India who have denied Paypal from sending in any more foreign money . Paypal needs to change its money transaction policy in order to continue business in India as thousands of Indian Freelancers like me are suffering and cannot withdraw our hard earned money to Indian Banks.

There is is a Solution we came up with , Here Paypal can be used to send in Paper checks instead of direct money deposit in banks electronically.

If it was a week earlier i would have suggested Xoom for all your money transfers but unfortunately, even they have canceled services and are in the process of refunding this transaction identified as Intra-India. Current regulatory restrictions are the reasons for the cancellation.

Paper Checks cost you $5 each paper check that take 7 business days to process and more days to reach Indian Shores. Cant tell you how much time it takes for clearance in Indian Banks.

I sent them this mail to Paypal Head Asia [Mr. Farhad] but never received a reply :

Hi Farhad that is nice to hear from you. According to you the check withdrawal facility is still available i India. Correct me if i am wrong. I dont know about any fees associated with foreign check clearance , so if you can give some information about that.

Also what do you mean by refunding check withdrawal fees ?

thanks !

regards ,

If any of my readers have made a check request do share with us.




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