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iPhone 6 Jailbreak

Sometime in the near future we expect to see the iPhone 6 , whether it is in September of this year with iOS 7 or next year sometime.  When it arrives it is apparently going to have a larger screen than normal with a far better resolution and an upgraded ...

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iPhone 6 vs Nokia Lumia 1020

A few days ago, Nokia unveiled their brand new smartphone (or camera phone), the Lumia 1020.  It’s rumored that Apple are going to release the iPhone 6 in the fall so let’s compare the 2 phones and see who’s got what and who comes out on top: Display: Apparently, although ...

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iPhone 6 Pictures – Concept

Since iOS 7 made its developers debut in June, the rumor mill has started up again, this time about the iPhone 6 . Or is it the iPhone 5S ? It could even be the budget phone.  Nobody seems very clear on exactly what is going to come out the ...

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