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More iPhone 5S Parts Leaked

The last few months have been a blur of leaked images and videos, of the iPad 5, the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S.  Today we have more of the iPhone 5S , courtesy of Moumantai, a Japanese vendor. The images include the Nano SIM card tray, speaker button and ...

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iPad Mini 2 Backplate Leaked

Yesterday we saw images of the iPad 5th Generation, expected to go into production sometime in the fourth quarter. It looked somewhat different from what the current iteration looks like, much slimmer and looking very much like a larger version of the iPad Mini.  The images were revealed by a ...

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Retina iPad Mini 2 in Works – Release Date Oct Report

Every day a new Apple rumor surfaces from somewhere in the world. Most are purely speculation, some are just wind-ups and others are from analysts, professional or otherwise, who believe they can read the future. However sometimes one gets published by the likes of The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg or ...

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