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Outsourcing in a Nutshell

Since its widespread use by many large corporations, outsourcing has become a way of life for many web designers, bloggers, and small businesses. Due to the large demand of overseas employees, several websites have been set up to provide outsourcing services with only a minimal fee.

There are many benefits to outsourcing: A large flexibility in your available options because of the affordability, ability to manage an effective workforce from the comfort of your computer, and the availability of  low-cost labor force with lots of experience and talent.

The Best Outsourcing Websites :

1) Odesk

I listed oDesk first because its the outsourcing service I use and have the most experience using. oDesk allows employers to set either a project fee or an hourly fee. If you choose an hourly fee, you can monitor your employers via software installed on their computer which takes a screenshot every few minutes and records the amount of keystrokes and clicks. If you chose a project fee, you don’t have to pay for the service until the entire thing has been delivered to you. Of course, some workers will generally ask for a portion of the money as a deposit.

The great thing about hourly work is that tou don’t have to pay for the hours that the employee is not fully involved in the work. Odesk is the only outsourcing company I know that gives an in depth summary of your employers work habits.

Every time I post a job, I get anywhere from 5 – 50 qualified candidates within an hour. You can interview the candidates you want and choose who to hire. Odesk has a dynamic pool of workers in many fields and boasts testing to provide you with the best workers.

The list of features on Odesk.com is many and an entire article must be devoted to fully understand it.

2) Elance

Elance is another outsourcing service which I used once for a small coding change on a website. When you sign up to Elance, you’ll be able to search for freelancers and invite them to bid on a project or you can wait for them to find your project and submit their bids. It has a real auction feel to its interface but has less function than oDesk.

3) Rentacoder

Before hiring any workers, I would test them with a small assignments. I have heard of some complaints against the Rentacoder Scam escrow service, so keep an eye out for scammers. Be sure not to give anyone any money upfront – be careful.

4) Guru

Guru is one of the largest providers of freelancers for your position with over 1 million. It is one of the most stable outsourcing websites because a lot of the freelancers are from US and Canada. Sometimes, you are going to get bids that are going to be very unreasonably high from local providers, but if you sift through them you will find yourself some great deals.

5) GetaCoder

GetaCoder is a website especially for coding, whereas other websites had writers, graphic designers, and everything else. Its a bit difficult finding the right coders on GetaCoder.com because a lot of them specify fake information and cross link accounts to boost their rating. I would recommend them only if you have experience with outsourcing and you can separate the junk offers from the real professionals. Again, asking them to code a small script will work in your favor.

Outsourcing is a win-win situation if used correctly. These are some of the best legitimate outsourcing websites I have heard of. How do you outsource? Do you have any good or bad experiences with the above websites ?



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