Orkut Forces New Interface To Read Reply Scraps | New Orkut Problem

Till today , using Orkut new interface was optional and a user can revert to the old interface at anytime. But from now on orkut has made it mandatory for its users to shift to new interface in order to read and  reply new scraps .

But the problem many users faced as soon as they changed into the new interface. Where is the reply option in my scrapbook gone ? Do i have to go to the primitive level of Orkut where everytime you want to scrap , you will have to go to the persons scrapbook and post your scrap which could otherwise be done directly from your own scrapbook.

The new message read : To comment or to read comments on a scrap you need to update to the new orkut . Give it a try ! ” .

Why ? its my life . Why should I . But orkut has no answer to that . Now i cant read any more new scraps in my own scrapbook. Orkut has made my life miserable . With this change , orkut has also introduced private scraps , as shown in the picture below.

There are three levels of privacy for any shared content :

  1. Visible to all the web
  2. Visible only to friends
  3. Visible only to selected friends

Since various exploits like breach of privacy in photo albums and public communities / scrapbooks , Orkut has taken privacy seriously just like Facebook has done to its user accounts. With t the launch of private scraps, you don’t have to use testimonials for sending private messages anymore. Private scraps will be visible to only a selected friends that you choose.