Opera Mini Web Browser for Nokia Xpress Music Phones

Opera Mini  is a fast & tiny Web browser that allows to access Internet on your phone. Opera Mini gives you a faster, better web browser experience on your mobile. Once you install Opera Mini, you will discover how easy and fast browsing the Web from a mobile phone browser can be. It can also save money on data charges, as it compresses downloaded data.  It uses a remote server to pre-process Web pages before sending them to your phone. Web content is automatically optimized for your mobile to ensure fast and cheap browsing experience.

imgOpera Mini7

Opera Mini Key Features :

  1. Tabbed Browsing
  2. Nice User Interface (for both Touch-Screen & keypad style mobiles)
  3. In-Built Download Manager
  4. Bookmarks Synchronize option
  5. Full-Screen mode
  6. Auto-Complete Text entry capability
  7. Compress Data up to 90%