Opera Launches new mobile browser Opera Mini 5

This browser is faster, more user friendly, more webpage friendly and more mobile friendly. Let’s see what’s new about Opera Mini 5.

Easy-to-use Mobile Browser

The new Opera Mini 5 features a powerful new interface for the mobile user. Blending the best of our desktop browser along with new introductions for mobile devices, Opera Mini is advanced, yet highly intuitive in functionality

Tabbed browsing

We have been using tabbed browsing in windows browser for some time now. Opera introduced it in Opera mobile [paid version], now it has been introduced in the free Opera Mini. With tabbed browsing, you don’t need to close a webpage to view another. Now switch between your Web mail in one window and Facebook on another, Twitter in the third. Flip tabs as easily as turning g pages of a book.

Password manager

You don’t have to worry about entering your passwords for each and every website you visit. Opera Mini 5 will remember all your credentials, and you can log in to your favorite sites with just a single click. The passwords are stored safely on your phone.

Touch Screen friendly & Keypad

As the mobile market is turning to more touch enabled devices, it’s time to make opera touch friendly. The new user interface has been designed for both touch screen- and keypad-style mobile phones. Touch screen, allows easier navigation with our zooming & faster scrolling.

Visual Speed Dial

Like the windows version of opera, mini now comes with better visual Speed Dial for bookmarks you see when you open a new tab. To add a new page in your bookmarks, simply click on an empty Speed Dial box and Opera will make suggestions based on your browsing history.

Fast browsing

Mini compresses mobile pages by up to 90% before being sent to your cell phone that means faster page loading than in other mobile Web browsers.


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