New Biking Category | Formal Notification To All Readers

bike trick

After considering much about the contents , the daily organic traffic and user interest on my blog . I have decided to now add on the bike segment to this blog. Started with a passion for biking , i introduced a section only for Biking tips and tricks . With mostly content related technology and web 2.0 ,it will now attract Bikers. However short and simple posts about bikes will be added here . Since the beginning of this blog , it has been receiving daily unique visits of over 200 + users at an average , some days crossing even 600 when i write a post about bikes .

So there is a formal notification to all my blog readers who are still subscribed to this blogs feed list . They may unsubscribe if they dont want to receive any more blog updates about Modified International Bikes , or just dont have the craze of biking .

But i assure you , those who want to stay that i have some really interesting stuff coming both from the latest news to user modifications. So if anyone of you want to share something that may prove useful for our readers may contact me . I would like to publish your pictures and posts with full credits to the contributor.

Have a nice day !






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