One Trick A Day Gets Page Rank 1

showimage Recently I installed my Google toolbar after transferring from Windows Vista to Windows   7.Only then I noticed that Onetrickday’s Page Rank has increased from Zero to One. What a great news to start the day. I have been blogging since the last 5 months and came to know about SEO and other issues that affect a websites prgooglePage rank. It’s only during these few months that I have learnt the ethical way to earn money from the web.

In the past

Before i started blogging that I tried my hands on PTC with my site which now contains the techniques i follow to earning online.But the site still has a Page Rank of Zero. Obviously it has to bore the brunt of Google penalty, but soon I will correct the flaws and submit it for reconsideration. I tried hosting warez sites but these things really don’t work when you want the web to be your future.

The learning Process

I had no idea about what were copyright issues. Didn’t know about search engine Optimization and Page Rank. Never bothered to write a single post on my own ” why should I, when I can copy paste, what is the difference”, this was what I thought. But now that I have been inspired by some very well known bloggers like Harsh Agarwal [], Rahul Bansal [], Gagan [] and Amit agarwal [], I feel like writing some on my own.Got some nice advise from my blogger friend Chinmoy and some great contribution from Rohit who keeps on writing about new gadgets and keeps it rolling.

Though OneTrickADay is generating far less revenue to consider it to be my full time profession, but I manage to earn a few bucks from outsourcing through Rentacoder and pay for my internet bill and beer 🙂 .

So how this Page Rank going to matter for me ?

A lot of people think Google Page Rank don’t really matter and it is only a small factor in determining where you should be in the search engine.I agree with that because even my blog was ranked at no 1 position for the keyword Pulsar 220 dtsi and pulsar 220 chrome , when my blog was just 2 weeks old. But definitely The Page Rank will give you a tiny little boost to rank higher if other sites that are very similar with similar keywords & SEO methods, and then you will win if you have a better Page Rank. But after all content is the king.

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