One Laptop Per Child Program – India

One Laptop Per Child Association is an Non-Profit Organization working for creating  affordable educational equipments for use in Under-developed countries .

Their mission is to create educational opportunities for the poor by providing them with cheap basic laptops with content & software designed for accomplishing, joyful, self-empowered learning.

How OLPC works in INDIA:-

OLPC has started a project in India targeting  rural villages at Khairat near Navi Mumbai.These Laptops were distributed among children who happily took them home , one each.

Katha, an NGO working with international OLPC organisation to spread awarenesss in India.

Current working in the following locations:

* Chiragh Grammar School,UP
* Khairat school,MH
* Parikrma Center for Learning,Bengaluroo
* Aradhna Convent School,BEngaluroo
* Holy Mother School,Nasik
* Saint-Anthony School,(U.P.)
* Auroville,TN


The laptop XO is designed by the experts from industry.It is designed for very rough usage.So it is extremely durable,energy efficient also.It can be used in very Harsh Conditions and has been fully tested.It has a USB port, Wi-Fi connectivity port, MIC/speaker port.
The Software for the XO has been desinged specially by The SUGAR LABS the platform is known as SUGAR ,it is been available in 25 different languages. It has many applications Pre-installed in it. These applications are known as Activities like browse,read,write,record etc..This is same as a normal PC or Laptop but having more features and apps than it..It runs Like LINUX simple and interactive OS..It is Written in Modern Python language.

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Author : Rohit Batra



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