NFS SHIFT Gameplay – The Mind Blowing NFS Release

Here we bring you the all new NFS Shift . The NFS Shift Gameplay is really awesome and mind-blowing. As we explore the graphics details of NFS Shift Gameplay in my Asus Nvidia 9800GT with crystal clear NFS Cars racing in lucid environment.Now that is a very impressive racing atmosphere.Very dynamic cockpit view with all these bumps, head movement and such, it also feels fast and they got a lot of cars on track.Not to forget pit babes, starting grid and stuff.Have a look here.

We have an exclusive first look at performance in Need for Speed SHIFT using a new patch due out at the end of this month. Exciting new action trailer featuring actual gameplay footage in NFS: Shift. Watch the Need for Speed SHIFT E3 09: High Speed Gameplay HD (Cam). Download Need for Speed wallpapers


shift 2010-01-29 03-11-19-79

shift 2010-01-29 03-11-29-78

shift 2010-01-29 03-11-39-79

shift 2010-01-29 03-15-20-63

shift 2010-01-29 03-16-09-76

NFS Shift Game Play in Windows 7 is really good and has no glitches whatsoever.