New year brings Increase in Page Rank

Another year another surprise. I just woke up and noticed that the page rank of Pocket Money Finder has been raised to PR2. Now what is that supposed to mean.

What is Page Rank ?

Google page rank is one most highly desired search status that everyone wants to get it who ever learns about it. And getting your first ever page rank is a great feeling. Google search has a system to rank (called Page rank or PR)  websites with related links in top search positions in search engine results as web crawlers pick them up earlier than in usual.

What was it for me

This is one of the happiest day in my blogging career since the blog is now recognized by “www” giant Google. 2009 was an amazing year for me when as i  learned about Making money by PTC which  gradually did not work out in the long run and not worth the effort i put in. Moreover the world hate spammers.Then under the influence of some fellow bloggers i started writing about technology,money making tips and got some traffic who by the way of viewing the advertisements in this blog generated me revenue for keeping up my work in this blog.He i have written all my experience in my money making journey.


Initially it took hell lot of time to start making money out of your blog, but eventually with time, you will realize that you are earning quite a lot by doing just few hours of work, and doing it in your own convenient way.

So wish you all my readers a very happy new year 2010 ahead , and make money 🙂