Netbooks with Windows 7: An answer to today’s mobile computing demands‏

dell-netbook-browsing Netbooks have rapidly acquired itself as a category of mini lightweight & inexpensive laptop computers in less than three years, and has won the hearts of millions of consumers all around the globe. Netbooks seem to have taken the computing industry by storm. Still, Netbooks have not impressed business class as many other gadgets like iPhone and blackberry.

But, can the enterprises take on the netbook for its use or will they stay as a consumer only product? Here we have discussed various feature and reasons why Netbooks should be regarded for a role in the enterprise segment.

Netbooks have by smaller displays, power efficient processors, and essential LAN and usb ports. Internal CD or DVD optical drives are absent in these devices. These are very lightweight & offer a long battery life, hence people are now choosing such miniature devices which are portable, inexpensive & loaded with essential features. Recently, IT giant Microsoft has announced the release of its much awaited Windows 7 Starter edition specially for the netbook section. This has changed the scenario to a large extent.windows7anytimeupgrade

About Windows 7 Starter

The new Windows 7 starter editions do not have the Windows Aero look and is only shipped as a 32-bit variant. It also brings down few restrictions on its users and will allow only three software applications to run at a time. Microsoft claims that the starter edition of Windows 7  will run smoothly on Netbooks with minimal configuration.

Benefits of Netbooks over Laptops and Desktop PC’s

  • Netbooks usually have small 8.9-inch to 10.2-inch diagonal display, which keeps them smaller & light making then handy for its user. It improves portability as the devices can even slip into a briefcase.
  • In spite of the netbook being small, few models claim a battery life of 7 or even more hours, because of power saving Intel Atom processors.
  • Netbooks are cheap and cost around $400; hence they can be afforded by anyone. You can get genuine Windows 7 for an extra $15.
  • People seeking easy access to their office applications & documents while on the run will love to have these Netbooks .These Netbooks are devised to support Wi-Fi wireless networking & even 3G networks.
  • Netbooks are well recognized and supported by all software makers as they are similar to other PCs, without any changes.

Some drawbacks

Netbooks are low in RAM & storage capability than its laptop variant, which restricts its usage to apps that demands powerful processing & higher RAM.


According to recent study, Netbooks have gradually taken 5% of the market till now & will attain double digit figures very soon. Gadget lovers like Netbooks, and they are selling like hot cakes in the west. Analysts are encouraging enterprise IT departments to include these products in their arsenal first being adopted by consumers.

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