Narrow Edge iPhone 6 with iOS 7

Yet another iPhone 6 concept has been released, this time by ADR Studio. The new iPhone has been designed with the rumor of a narrow edge in mind and running on iOS 7.  According to ADR, the specs for the iPhone 6 will be:


  • 4.3” Retina 2 display
  • Touchpad that has support for gestures
  • 18 megapixel rear camera, dual LED flash and image stabilizer with noise reduction built in
  • A7 Quad-Core processor
  • Fingerprint sensor called Fingers
  • Aluminum casing in choice of black or white, standard Apple colors

According to the concept, the fingerprint sensor will be located below the Apple Logo, underneath the screen. This takes the place of the Home button which is where rumors said the sensor would be located on the iPhone 5S.

iOS 7 has been out with developers for over 4 weeks now and, indeed, Beta 3 has just been released. So, while it needs a bit of refining still, we do at least have some idea of what the interface looks like. See how the concept displays the screen as an almost edge to edge display, doing away with the bezel around the screen and making the iPhone 6 look more functional than decoration.  The entire concept is based around the iPhone 6 being almost totally controlled by gestures now, instead of using the home button for certain actions.

ADR_Iphone6_01 ADR_Iphone6_03 ADR_Iphone6_06 ADR_Iphone6_07 ADR_Iphone6_05 ADR_Iphone6_04 iphone-6-concept-1 iphone-6-concept-3 iphone-6-concept

YouTube Video : iPhone 6 Concept

Right now, the rumors surrounding the iPhone 6 are a bit hazy. Some say it will be released next year, others say the iPhone 5S has been scrapped and the 6 will be released in September with iOS 7.  There has been nothing to confirm the iPhone 5S is gone, indeed, as far as we know, production is in full swing. So, it’s a case of playing the waiting game yet again to see what happens in the fall.