Monetize your Blog or Website with Bidvertiser

Most of the bloggers use Google Adsense to monetize their blog.But one should never stick to just one source of income and rather split of into various trusted AD Networks.The reason being , if one fails , the other keeps working.I have been using Bidvertiser even before i started this blog , and i have got more success with Bidvertiser than i have done with Adsense since the last three four months.

Bidvertiser comes with a clean interface , just perfect for new publishers.Chances of getting banned is minimal unless you choose the other way.

Key Benefits:

  1. No minimum requirements for visitors and page views
  2. Warez Sites allowed (That includes Pirated Content but limited to Porn)
  3. Payout threshold only 10$
  4. Payout every 30 days
  5. Great referral plan.Earn 10$ every time your referral reaches payout.
  6. Ads visible in web browser’s without flash installed, and in mobile devices.

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