Mifi to replace Wifi

Novatel Wireless, Inc the leading provider of wireless broadband access solutions announced last week about its plans to launch the MiFi. Novatel MiFi is a sleek looking gadget that will let it users access to EVDO or HSPA high speed data networks.

What isĀ  MiFi ?

The Novatel MiFi is a sleek broadband modem based on cellular technology (EVDO) with an in built router. This tiny wireless modem is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Slip it into your pocket or purse and carry around with you where ever you go. Powered with rechargeable batteries, The MiFi used third generation (3G) mobile radio signals to make a 30-foot (9.14m) personal WiFi hotspot.

high-speed 3G Internet connectivity offered by MiFi can be shared among users as well as devices like laptops, iPod Touch ,gaming devices, latest multimedia players any other device with wireless G capability. You can connect it with your Nintendo or PSP and start playing instantly. The MiFi supports up to five users at a time.



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