Michael Jackson Virus on the Prowl


A virus infected email is wandering around the web infecting computers, which claims to have some secret songs & photos of late pop icon Michael Jackson, as reported by computer security experts at Sophos.

The subject line of the email has a saying “Remembering Michael Jackson” & is allegedly to be sent from “sarah@michaeljackson.com”, according to security firm Sophos.

The email says the recipient that it has an attachment called “Michael songs & pictures.zip” that contains secret songs and photographs of the MJ, who died on June 25th at the age of 50.

Sophos warns people not to open any such email that they suspect to have the above said characteristics.
Users are tempted to open the attachment that comes with the mail, and their computer is exposed to infections. Once infected, a computer will start to spread the worm automatically onto other Internet users.
Besides spreading through emails, the malware is also capable of spreading as an Autorun component on USB memory devices. Anyone who receives this type of email should delete it immediately.

Source : Sophos



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