Mass Effect 2 Loading Crash Problem Solution in Windows 7 64 Bit

If you are a avid  PC games addict like me and have recently downloaded Mass Effect 2 and facing this problem where game crashes while loading in your windows 7 dual core system or takes long time to loading , then welcome to the world of unfortunate gamers who face the similar situation with Mass Effect 2.

You might have already come across a solution where the guys asks to set the affinity of your dual core system to 1 core at time of loading Mass Effect 2 game , and flip back.

But i must tell you this wont work for many .


You may try downloading the latest version of Direct X 11 from Microsoft site and see if it helps , but i am sure it wont.

Try installing fresh copies of Nvidia Physx Drivers for your graphics card , but it wont either.

Try to run mass effect 2 in compatibility mode of windows xp , it wont run and the game will keep loading for hours and hours. But will not load eventually leading to infinite times.

So what i am trying to tell you is wait for the next patch to be released by Bioware and play some other game in the mean time.MassEffect2 2010-03-06 15-53-29-76

I am a lost gamer like you who after downloading this game from torrent which took 2 weeks to download failed to play it at the end.

Enjoy this Mass Effect wallpaper in the mean time and don’t waste your time looking for a solution , until you register here and we send you updates for the same.

Latest Update :

I successfully completed the game without any hiccups . It was all the trouble with the torrent i downloaded. Its not the issue with the game but the torrent files. You can play as a Female or Male . Awesome game i must say , even at max graphics settings.

MassEffect2 2010-03-06 16-23-19-76