Looking Back at One Trick A Day in the past year

What a great way to start the year , they say your first day of the year is how the rest of the year is going to be. But to my surprise as i installed Google toolbar , i saw a PR change and Google Page rank strengththis time its Page Rank 2. Well it seems my guest posts paid off with some quality back links. Google page rank is one most highly desired search status that everyone wants to get it who ever learns about it. Now getting your first ever page rank is a great experience.

Page Rank for Noob’s

Search engines have a tendency to rank (called Page rank or PR)  websites with related links in more prominent positions in search engine results as web crawlers pick them up earlier than in normal.

Recognition by Google

I got ranked by Google in the first week of November 2009. It was one of the happiest day in my blogging career when you feel recognized by Google. 2009 was an amazing year for me when as i  learned about Adsene and Making money with blogs. Gradually i started writing about technology and got some traffic. Wrote down all my experience in my money making blog.

As a blogger

Writings blogs was something i never tried before.I saw my friend Debajyoti [snaphow.com] write blogs during those days. But as i started to read more of his entries i learned that he was actually monetizing his writing in a way the whole world does on the web , Google Adsense .Well initially it takes time to start monetizing your blog, but eventually, you will realize that you are earning quite a lot by doing few hours of working doing it in your own convenient way.

Working as a Freelancer

While writing for One Trick A Day i started working as an online Freelancer on the internet which is one of the simplest & fastest way to get yourself self-employed. It is a wonderful chance for anyone to get going on his or her own straight away. Rentacoder helped me cope up with my expenses.

Wish you all my readers a very happy new year 2010 ahead . 🙂



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