Lacie Little Big Disk – ThunderBolt Compatible

MacBook Pro 2011 series is the First Device to be launched with the Thunderbolt compatibility. Rest of the Products having thunderbolt compatibility will have not been yet Launched and Shipped. Recently we received a news about Lacie Little Big Disk to be launched with ThunderBolt Compatibility.

Lacie Little Big Disk



Lacie external Hard Drive manufacturers have introduced ThunderBolt Technology in their new Product which is also a External Hard Disk known as Little Big Disk. Lacie Little Big Disk is running with a SSD(solid state drive) and have capability of transferring data with Thunderbolt technology at 700mb/s . It is fully compatible and tested to work with MacBook Pro 2011. Lacie has not given any official news of it’s shipment but we are expecting it to start shipping in the 2nd quarter of 2011.

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