iPhone Mini with FCC Marking Leaked

The production building at FoxConn seems to have developed a pretty serious leakage problem. Recently we have seen a few images of what are reported to be the plastic casing of the budget iPhone in a series of colors and images of the display and the dual LED flash.  Now we have what looks like an image of the iPhone Mini, fully assembled and displaying, on the rear, FCC (U.S. Federal Communications Commission- link ) and other US agency legal notices.  We did see some similar pictures a few days back but they did not display the FCC logo on them.

iphone-mini white

The iPhone Mini is an upgrade so the bodywork is shown as being made from plastic with a few minor aesthetic touches. The ports for the lightning connector, headphone and the volume buttons look pretty much the same as its predecessor.  The bottom of the casing has been slightly updated, with a second microphone hole next to the jack for the headphones. The rear of the casing is the same and it looks as though a dual LED flash is located next to the camera.

Image Below : iPhone 5 FCC Marking in the Rear

fcc marking iphone 5

These latest leaked images only show the rear and the bottom of the iPhone Mini so it is difficult to say whether is a completely assembled iPhone Mini or just the casing.  If it is showing the entire device then a release date should be forthcoming from Apple in the very near future. This could be the iPhone that is apparently releasing alongside iOS 7, also due for release in September. However, this may be subject to delays as, following on from the recent security breach, the Apple Development Center remains closed until such time as Apple is content that the same thing cannot happen again. iOS 7 Beta 4 has been pushed back as well although no timeline is being given for release.




  1. And here we keep going with the idea of an ipad mini! Like if the actual iphone have a huge dimention to fit a 5inh screen or bigger! The budget iphone is more to be truth than a iphone mini! But i doubt it anyway!

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