iPhone Mini to come in Two Versions

It’s looking more and more likely that the budget iPhone Mini will be released later on this year. The latest rumors have come from Weibo, the Chinese Twitter and they tell us that there will be not one but two versions of the budget handset.

iphone-mini iphone 6

Their sources appear to be a number of leaked documents that detail 2 models, both of which are due to be released this year. One is set to be priced even cheaper than the rumored $3-400 and, judging by the specs, will be available on the Chines market only.

  1. The first model detailed is named Zenvo and it will have a 4” display with an HP5 dual core processor supplied by Samsung. It will have 1GB RAM, FDD 4G and Bluetooth 4.0.
  2. The second model, named Zagato or Bertone will be identical except for an HP6 processor and TDD 4G LTE.  This is the 4G that is currently being deployed in China which is what suggests that this model will be for that market.

Of course, it’s difficult to know if these documents are genuine or not as firm details of any of the upcoming Apple products are hard to come by. We do keep seeing leaked images of a case that purports to be the budget iPhone, some of the images showing multiple color choices.  There are way too many rumors and images for anyone to say that the handset will not be released so it’s a case of playing the waiting game again.


iphone mini colours

budget iphone mini

It’s thought that the handset will be released in the fall with the next iPhone refresh, the 5S. Although the biggest sales will probably be for the 5S, the fact that Apple are releasing a cheaper version shows that they are prepared to enter the arena and go up against Android – or Samsung.