iPhone Firmware Update OS 4.0 Released Challenge To Jailbreakers

Apple has just released iPhone OS 4.0 beta firmware for iPhone 3GS. The latest version of iPhone OS 4.0 was revealed in an event organised at the Town Hall on Appleā€™s Cupertino campus on 8th April 2010. Steve Jobs has taken to the stage to tell the world what the new iPhone 4.0 firmware is all about.

 iphone_os_4 Image Credit

The new iPhone 4.0 Software Update includes added recommendations for the App Store, wireless ringtone downloads and more , all these for free . It’s totally mind-blowing according to the changelog, improved accuracy and better compatibility . Rumor is now going around that the new iPhone 4.0 firmware update will pose a challenge to jailbreakers and iphone software hackers.

Download Your Free iPhone OS 4.0 Firmware Update. The new iPhone 4.0 firmware update probably won’t give access to Verizon service.